Real estate

The purchase, sale, development and financing of real estate involve a great deal. The financial stakes are almost always high, the legal structures often complex. Legal certainty is always essential.


Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions almost always involve a civil law notary. Our notaries specialize in all aspects directly or indirectly related to real estate. They know the market and have extensive experience in drafting complex documents. Our notaries can act as your advisor, but also as the classic impartial advisor to both the buying and selling party.

We work extensively for investors, contractors, housing corporations, real estate funds, (project) developers and government agencies.

Notary advice on real estate

We assist and advise both individuals and companies in their real estate transactions and real estate projects.

You can contact LexQuire for:

  • Purchase, sale and transfer of real estate
  • (Re)development of real estate
  • Splitting of real estate
  • Purchase agreements
  • Turnkey agreements
  • (Project) financing
  • (Cross-border) real estate financing
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Building rights, easements and community ownership
  • Transfer of real estate portfolios
  • Unpurchasing of construction projects
  • Auctions (compulsory or voluntary)
  • Securities

Multidisciplinary advice for real estate projects

Our specialists, each from their own discipline, like to work closely together on your real estate projects. For example, our tax specialists are happy to discuss the fiscal opportunities and risks of real estate transactions and the concurrence of transfer tax and VAT.