Transport & Logistics

Various cross-border and international legal and tax questions often arise with regards to transport and logistics. Many entrepreneurs have international ambitions and are looking to cooperate with foreign parties or set up a subsidiary abroad. Companies in the transport industry in particular are rapidly expanding abroad.

Doing business (internationally)?
Make clear agreements

(Internationaal) Doing business involves risks. By making clear agreements in advance and properly recording them in writing in your contracts, you can exclude many of these risks. Clear general terms and conditions, for example, play an important role. Our specialists are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.


Whether your questions concern the CMR Convention, the Vienna Sales Convention or general private international law, our specialists have an answer and advice for you. We can advise you, for example, on the applicable law, the jurisdiction of the courts and on your cross-border and international options.

Consultation in advance

We strongly advise you to seek legal advice at the earliest possible stage of contract negotiations. The use of standard contracts often leads to conflicts at a later stage. Your interests are not explicitly included in them. The specialists at LexQuire take a strategic approach and see what your interests are.