Construction & Infrastructure

In the construction & infrastructure sector, we deal with all the questions our clients may have in both public and civil construction law. Disputes about delivery, design or implementation errors, permit applications/zoning changes and building contracts are common topics on which we advise and, if necessary, assist our clients in (court)proceedings.

New projects

If you are planning to start a construction project or enter into a partnership, it is wise to have a specialist advise you on the possible legal risks. The specialists at LexQuire are experienced in drafting and assessing agreements. In addition, they know what you should be taken into account with respect to the local regulations. This can prevent surprises and lengthy costly procedures at a later stage.


The specialists of LexQuire are experienced in assisting contractors, project developers as well as investors.

Current Projects

In the unlikely event of a dispute with your contracting partner, the government or a third party, our specialists will also be able to help you. They will advise you on the best strategic course of action and will also assist you in any (court)proceedings.