Data Protection & Privacy

The collection of data leads to unprecedented opportunities when combined with technological innovations. However, strict privacy regulations mean that data not only adds value to your organisation, but also creates more liability risks that could jeopardise the continuity and reputation of your company.

European Data Protection & Privacy legislation for entrepreneurs

The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG, GDPR) is the European privacy legislation based on which the Dutch Data Protection Authority (the AP) supervises and takes actions to enforce the law. Since 2018, it has been very important for companies to comply with the obligations arising from the European privacy legislation. The AP has already imposed fines and periodic penalty payments on several occasions.

It is thus important that you have organised the processing of data (such as personal data of employees or customers) in the right way. Our privacy professionals will happily advise you about your options.

Claims and rights of data subjects

Collective actions and mass claims are becoming more and more common. Data subjects as per the GDPR are increasingly exercising their rights. Judges are awarding damages in cases of privacy breaches. A strategic policy can often prevent these disputes. Often, cross-border actions and data processing must also be taken into account. Our international specialists will be happy to assist you in this respect.

The topics commonly encountered in the field of data protection and privacy:

  • Human resources and recruitment;
  • Supervision of employees;
  • Cooperation with other companies and data transfer;
  • Data leakage;
  • Access, rectification, objection and data portability;
  • Digital marketing (online advertising and direct marketing);
  • Big data analysis.

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