Taking out a loan often involves a lot of paperwork. You have to sign credit documentation before the credit is granted to you. The lender, for example the bank, will include various securities in this documentation in order to protect itself. As a borrower, you may be at risk.

Loan documentation

It is important to have the loan documentation reviewed by a specialist. Risks need to be reduce your risks. Also if you wish to terminate financing arrangements, one of our specialists can advise you on how to best approach this. LexQuire’s specialists work among others for lenders, borrowers, investors, company groups and security holders. Entrepreneurs as well as private individuals are part of our clientele. Our specialists will be happy to assist you with investments as well as with the drafting and review of financing documentation or the restructuring of cash flows.

Most common securities

Business securities

  • Pledge
  • Mortgage

Personal securities

  • Bail
  • Guarantees
  • Joint and several liability
  • Escrow accounts

International securities

  • Letter of Credit

Agreeing or terminating financing

An eye for detail and a critical approach are very important when negotiating a certain financing structure. But also in case a financing scheme has to be terminated it is very important to not miss any details. The specialists of LexQuire regularly assist clients in the foreclosure or eviction phase. This phase can occur both in and outside of bankruptcy.

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